• Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ordinance No. 21-07 of June 8, 2021 on the complementary finance law for 2021 has just been published in the Algerian official journal.

This ordinance announces certain measures which concern our sector. For information, depending on the end of life date for the prescription, the Measure concerns invoices since January 2012. "For a period of 3 years and until December 31, 2023,

The following are exempt from value added tax:

  • Costs and charges related to fixed Internet access services, as well as Charges relating to the rental of bandwidth intended exclusively for the provision of the fixed Internet service;
  • Costs related to the hosting of web servers at the level of data centers (Data center) located in Algeria and in with .DZ TLD;
  • Costs related to the design and development of websites;
  • Costs related to maintenance and assistance relating to website access and hosting activities in Algeria. "